Make Use of Sellics and Buy Your Required Products at an Affordable Price


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Sellics is a company, which is developing the software for Amazon sellers. The company products are helps to maxing the seller’s potential, increase organic traffic and revenue, automate PPC campaigns, track profits, and much more. It allows them to run automated campaigns on 80% of our product range. Also, helps to save time spend on campaign management using the Amazon advertising automation software from Sellics. The Sellics Company was founded on 2014. The primary goal of the company is help to accommodate all sizes of businesses with a fair price for everyone. Here are some reviews about Sellics online site.


  • These products are user-friendly
  • Helps to listing analytics and optimisation tools
  • Helps to analyse complete sales data from Amazon including information on your BSR, competitor comparisons, PPC costs and performance, refunds, profits and more
  • These product tools cover sales volumes, sales history, price history, product rank tracking etc
  • Keyword research, analytics functions, and track own listings and those of competitors


  • Sellics allows to monitor multiple facets of my business all in one platform.
  • Helps to keep track of everything you need to successfully run your business
  • Helps to as soon as get a review, and notify you when re-order products
  • Allows monitor competitors pricing, as well as the ability to see sales volumes of products


  • Not allows you to export or download any financial reports
  • Just little difficult to use when tracking data

Pricing Plans

The Sellics Company tries to offer the products with a fair price. The product pricing is start at $57 per month. It does not have a free version instead of that offer free trail to the buyers. But if you use Sellics coupons from any of the online stores, you can avail the product with less cost.