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Kick Away Your Obstacles with Rock Rooster Footwear

Boots are a safety measure for your feet, and the Rock rooster footwear is one of the leading companies in manufacturing leather boots and work boots with over 30 years of experience. It was established in Tasman, Australia, in the 1980s and initially manufactured only leather shoes. Later, due to some injuries that occurred to their employees while working and by knowing the demand, they started to manufacture the work boots that would be useful for miners, farmers, loggers, etc. The company has held its reputation since its 1st product manufactured. In this post, you are going to look at some products of Rock rooster footwear.  

 List of Rock rooster footwear’s products

The rock rooster footwear provides various work boots which have high sales in the market.

Wedge Sole Work Boots:

The wedge sole work boots give you more comfort and concrete to wear on hard surfaces. The rock rooster provides this work shoe at an affordable price, and it has a unique design. It is the basic need for many workers.

Features of Men’s Wedge Sole Work Boots:

  • CoolMax: The wedge work boots will get dry quickly with CoolMax.
  • Full-Grain Tumbled Leather: The durable of this work boot is high because it has high-quality leather and is also water-resistant.
  •  Poron Materials: The protection of wedge sole work boots is long-lasting with Microban Technology.
  •  Width: Your toes do not feel cramped as it has more space. 

Zipper Work Boots:

You may feel discomfort when there is no ventilation for your feet, and when you have any hard injury in your foot, it becomes tough to remove your boots. So the rock rooster provides a Zipper work boot which is more comfortable for many.

Benefits of Zipper Work Boots:

  • Side Zipper: Tying your laces is annoying to work for somebody, and it has a side zip. 
  • Leather Material: It has high-class leather that is strong and waterproof.
  • Poron Material: Microban technology provides reliability, steadfastness and longer life protection, which will keep your foot comfortable.
  • Composite Toecap: This shoe is lighter than other shoes as it contains 50% carbon fibre and is non-metallic.  

Puncture Resistant- Nail proof boots: 

The work boots are manufactured to save your feet, but some work boots will hurt. The puncture-resistant nail-proof boot saves your foot from electrical slips and punctures, and it will be useful for those working in an electricity area and factories. 

Benefits of Puncture Resistant- Nail proof boots: 

  • ASTM F2413 Standards: You can trust all puncture-resistant boots that will protect your feet, and they meet or exceed ASTM F2413 standards.
  • Waterproof: The huge benefit of rock rooster products is they are all waterproof boots. 
  • Kevlar Puncture Resistant: All the puncture-resistant shoes are made out of Kevlar puncture-resistant outsoles, which protect your feet from sharp objects. 

Bottom Line:

A foot is the powerful balancer of the body, and it is necessary to protect your feet with boots. Purchase your work boot mentioned above or some other work boot from Rock rooster footwear.