Buy WordPress Themes at CSSIgniter at an Affordable Price


By Admin

CSSIgniter was launched in 2012 with 10 WordPress themes. WordPress could not get reached much among the organization without proper guidance and support from the makers. So, good quality and proper support is necessary to get reach the product wherever you want. The primary goal of the company is to offer products at an affordable price and provide fantastic support to the customers. CSSIgniter is come up with a lot of WordPress themes and features. Here are some reviews about CSSIgniter products and their features, so continue reading to know the information about them.


  • Per post customizable branding
  • Custom post types can be turned off or on
  • Hero parallax and full viewport height
  • Mobile menu colors: customizer section with 6 color options that allows setting the best color for the site.
  • Smoothing scrolling menus: Improve single-page landing templates with smooth scrolling from main menu to any section inside your page.
  • Infinite Scroll: Enable infinite scroll for the blog right from within Jetpackā€™s settings page.
  • WPML Support: most popular multilingual plugin of the WordPress eco system.
  • Supports for video background on hero sections


  • It is simple, user-friendly, ease of use, and easy to manage.
  • Allows works with specialized marketers
  • It offers fresh angle situation to take a whole new perspective on things.
  • Larger talent pool helps business cut through the noise of competition and stand out.
  • All the marketing and creation process is expensive, so it is help to reduce the cost drastically.


  • Drastic increase in correspondence
  • The product price is little expensive

Pricing Plan

CSSIgniter pricing plan divided into four categories. Single theme price would be $49 come up with one year of support and updates. Standard Club cost is $69 allows accessing all CSSIgniter themes, support, and regular updates for one year. If you want reduce the products price and then use CSSIgniter coupon to avail the discounts.