Breakdown of the Blogosphere


By Admin

Everything you need to know about who makes up the blogosphere, what and why they are blogging, and how much time is being spent doing so.

Who’s Blogging Right Now?

There are a total of 133 million total blogs in the blogosphere. Males make up two thirds of the bloggers and females make up one third. College graduates make up 75 percent of bloggers and non-college graduates make up 25 percent of current bloggers. Three-fourths of the bloggers make less than $100,000 a year. Bloggers who earn more than $100,000 per year make up one-forth of the blogosphere.

Bloggers from the U.S. make up 48 percent of the total blogosphere. Bloggers from Asia and the Pacific make up 10 percent of the total bloggers. Bloggers from the European Union make up 26 percent of the blogosphere. Bloggers from all other countries make up 16 percent of the blogosphere. Among bloggers, 35 percent are professional journalists.

Why and What People Blog

Personal musings make up the most popular blog topic. Technology is the next most popular blogging topic. News is the next most popular, then computers, business, music, travel, religion, science, film, the environment, health, television and sports.

Impacts of Blogging

Bloggers report that 42 percent have become friends with someone they’ve met in person through their blog. Blogging has led 63 percent of bloggers to become more involved with things they’re passionate about. Nineteen percent of bloggers are concerned that their employers might not approve of their views on their blogs.

Top Reasons People Blog

The most popular reason that people blog is to keep friends and family updated. Bloggers also blog to get published or featured in traditional media, to speak their minds, to connect with people, to share expertise, to enhance their resumes, attract clients and to make money.

How Much People Are Blogging

Twenty percent of bloggers blog one to two times a day. Bloggers who blog three to four times per week make up 27 percent of bloggers. Bloggers who blog once a week make up 23 percent of bloggers. Fifteen percent blog every few weeks. Three percent blog once a month. Five percent blog less than once a month. Seven percent blog more than three times a day.

Hours Per Week Spent Blogging

Bloggers who spend less than one hour a week blogging make up 26 percent of the blogosphere. Bloggers who spend one to three hours make up 27 percent of the blogosphere. Twenty-two percent of bloggers spend three to 10 hours a week on their blogs. Thirteen percent of bloggers spend 10 to 40 hours a week on blogging. Two percent of bloggers spend 40 hours or more on their blogs every week.