Affiliate Marketing On Your Websites


By Admin

In the quest to make a bit of extra cash, many website or blog owners have turned to affiliate marketing as a way to monetize their virtual real estate, and bring in a few extra passive income dollars on the side. Some even use this as a business model, and attempt to make a small business out of it, either using ecommerce store models or niche sites that sell specific products. There are a lot of methods you can use to generate affiliate cash. Let’s look at some of them!

Datafeeds and Storefronts – This is for the ambitious among us, who would like to either have a store dedicated to a certain topic involving their site, or a whole site built around it. This is easier to do than you might think, as many merchants can provide feeds, as well as some very easy solutions through outlets like Amazon and Clickbank.

Banner Ads – Putting up an affiliate banner has almost become a time-honored expectation on sites these days. It’s usually very easy to put up the banners, and when they are clicked on and purchases made, you get a portion of the sale. Be mindful to not have too many banners, or to have their colors ruin the color scheme of your site.

Contextual Affiliate Links – This method is for the more subtle marketers out there, who want their content to be the star, and not an ad, but who wouldn’t mind making a few bucks if the opportunity presented itself! Again, be selective, relevant and focus on quality!

Review Sites or Pages – Very common these days is the practice of placing review pages, or indeed whole sites there for the world to find and use. This is often used in niche marketing, and can be extremely effective.

Blog Posts – another of the more subtle varieties, this one uses affiliate links in blog posts as a natural outgrowth of the post itself. Many times it is very natural to recommend a product or service in the normal course of the blog post. It only makes sense to use an affiliate link. You are promoting that product or service; you should get paid if there is a sale.

Adsense and CPA Offers – More obviously ads, these can be great “fillers”. It’s fairly difficult to make a large amount of money with either of these unless you are getting a huge amount of traffic, but it can add up.

Start Building a List – While not technically affiliate marketing, if you have a site that’s getting visitors and and you can start building an email list of interested people, you will be able to market to that list in the not so distant future!

Merely availing yourself of some of these methods will bring in some cash, while devoting time and effort to them can bring much more! Don’t let opportunities slip by, especially if your business is selling online!