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Avail of the Best Shoes in 8000Kicks

Everyone likes to wear shoes which will give them a stylish look. Bernardo Duque Carreira was the founder and CEO of the great shoe brand “8000kicks”. This is a  famous branded shoes which have a high rank in the market. 8000kicks shoes products are eco-friendly, which is one of the reasons to stay top on the table. The founder started his business in 2018 along with his grandmother Maria Otilia who was 77 years old. In 2019 the 8000kicks were the best in the market. In this post, let us look at avail the best shoes in 8000kicks.

Hemp Shoes: 

8000kicks are manufacturing a shoe named hemp shoe, and it is completely eco-friendly. 8000kicks hemp shoes are made by the great material called hemp. Hemp is a valuable crop in Virginia, and it does not require pesticides and herbicides to grow. 8000kicks’ each shoe use maximum of 72% less CO2 and 70% water than the other shoes. Hemp shoes are 100% vegan, and even the hemp crop purifies the soil. Hemp shoes are manufactured in Portugal factory. The strength of hemp is a great material to use for shoes.

Variety of Hemp Shoes: 

The availability of 8000kicks stocks is always there as they are the preferable brand in the market. There are some varieties of hemp shoes are manufactured in 8000kicks, and they are

  • Classic hemp shoe
  • Hippy hemp shoe
  • Unique hemp shoe
  • Comfortable hemp shoe
  • Funky hemp shoe

Features of Hemp Shoes: 

There are so many reasons that hemp shoes are special, including their material. As it is a famous brand in the market, 8000kicks coupon code will be provided by them in peak times like festival periods. Here are some of its features

  • Durability – the durability of 8000kicks hemp is longer than other branded shoes.
  • comfortable - world’s 1st hemp insole, which is more comfortable to wear
  • Ecological – they are using a large amount of hemp instead of cotton or polyester, which is eco-friendly
  • waterproof – one of the best reasons for people to prefer hemp shoes is that they are waterproof
  • flexible and lightweight

Unisex Product: 

In previous times, Hemp shoes are in green colour, which resembles that hemp crop colour. It is a unisex product that both men and women can use it, and it is common for both gender and gives comfort to both genders’ feet.  8000kicks Explorer V2 is the 1st model in the world with waterproof, and the 8000kicks hold the number 1 place because of this waterproof and long durable material. Both men and women can kick their obstacles in their way with more confidence by explorer V2.

Worldwide Availability: 

The hemp shoes with waterproof have so many advantages like lightweight, durable it has demanded worldwide. The team has travelled to many places and the availability of 8000kicks Europe, China and US are the special ones. They are putting their footprint worldwide through their footwear and becoming successful in every place.

Bottom Line:

The 8000kicks hemp shoes will look so stylish for your feet, and the size of the shoes will be more perfect for every user. By considering the details mentioned above, you can buy an 8000kicks hemp shoe without doubt as it is worthy of buying.