7 Reasons Managed Web Hosting Could Work For You!


By Admin

There is a lot to be said for managed web hosting. A great many website owners don’t really grasp the advantages it offers, and thus could be missing out on a number of terrific benefits that could drastically affect their business. Let’s take a look at 7 good reasons why managed web hosting could be the ticket for your site or business.

Better Security – In a managed hosting setup, you are afforded much better security than would be available on shared servers, or sometimes even on your own server if you were handling the technical administration. This is because the web hosting company is usually far more versed in system updates, disaster recovery, and data backup. Is your current system admin up to those tasks, and are you ready to handle it if they’re not?

Cost Savings – Managed web hosting can save you money in a couple of ways. First, there will no longer be the need of having a full-time system admin person handling all your server needs. This is all taken care of. Second, the time that this type of hosting frees up can lead to a serious spike in productivity, as there is no longer a need to handle hosting issues on a day to day basis.

Better Performance – Typically, the equipment your sites will reside on in a managed web hosting plan will be much better quality, and not shared with others. This alone will speed up your sites, make security better, reduce spam and many other benefits.

Quality Support – With this type of hosting account, you are virtually assured of a commitment to great support. You are paying more money, so your calls will generally get answered quickly. Most managed web hosting plans offer 24/7 support.

More Features – With managed web hosting, you’ll find that you will get more perks and benefits. The resources available to you, as well as additional applications and services will give you many more options to choose from when executing your website plan.

Better Monitoring and Uptime – Managed hosting plans are monitored 24/7, and often you will never even know you had a problem, as they are dealt with before you notice there’s an issue. And when that isn’t the case, the support team is usually way ahead of you. This results in far less downtime.

Greater Reliability – Having a team of trained IT specialists whose main job it is to see that your sites are humming along smoothly, gives you an edge over other site owners who, when they wake up in the morning, find out they have a problem, have to find their IT guys, and coax them into getting going on a solution.

There are several very good reasons why you might want to consider a managed web hosting plan. It can benefit you in so many ways!